Friday, August 26, 2011

When Two Geeks Get Hitched

When my husband proposed, I was lost.

Of course I said YES, but I had no clue what to do next. I'm not a typical girl; I had never thought about my wedding, I had only ever focused on the kind of guy I wanted and the life (ahem, family) that would follow. The months that followed the ring were filled with brainstorming and idea dumping. Hours were spent talking about what we could or would do. I would toss out one thought and Jason would agree or disagree, and notes were taken.

There was one major rule determined almost immediately:
Jason: "There will be no Star Trek!"
Me: "OK, fine. If there can be no Star Trek, there won't be any Star Wars!"

In the end, we opted for a prolonged celebration: we would have a small ceremony, depart for Hawaii, then return for a big family reception.

Our ceremony was simple, a garden setting at the Weston Gardens in Fort Worth. We traveled all over Maui the week following our vows. Then, we hunkered down and spent two weeks finalizing decorations before the reception.

For the reception, I suggested we keep to the Star theme...and the following tidbits were born:

Custom Cake Toppers

* Hand sculpted and cast by George Martinez
* Painted by our friend Eric Pfannstiel

More pictures to come later

To-Scale Gate!

* Designed in AutoCAD by ME
*Cut from 3mm composite aluminum panels
- much thanks to Composite Panel Technology - South, Inc
*Internal lighting with Christmas strands
*Event Horizon created with foil door curtains

The gate on set is estimated at 20' outer diameter. My gate is exactly 9' outer diameter. We did not finish the support structure, so we only had the top half at the reception, but it was a big hit.

A Little Sneakery

I have a slight rebellious streak and after being a good girl for so long, something had to give. Jason proposed Christmas 2009, after making me promise there would be no gift exchange between the two of us. I had yet to find a way to get even but found my opportunity in the reception.

With the help of ThinkGeek customer support via Twitter, my garters came to life. Star Trek style!

* Insignia Pins from ThinkGeek
- Engineering insignia for my career
- Command insignia to match the color scheme (blue/yellow)

We had fun with our reception and got a lot of comments on our gate. We are still awaiting pictures from our photographer - I will definitely update this when I get them!

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