Thursday, August 28, 2014

I AM...

I am writing this because, sadly, it is something that needs to be written. There is something that people aren't understanding yet. I don't get it; we live in a fantastical world full of endless possibilities, and yet people still scoff and show shock when I tell them about myself. Listen up, read closely, and learn something. Please. Because the responses I receive should NOT be of surprise.

I am not a superhero.
I am not a freak.
I am not crazy.
I may agree that "math is hard," but it isn't impossible to sort out.
I work a full-time job.
I am a draftsman.
I kick ass in AutoCAD.
I am also a student.
I am pursuing a bachelor of science degree.
In Mechanical Engineering.
And, yes, I AM A WOMAN.

STOP squawking about how it's a tough field.
STOP asking me "How can you do that? Math is hard."
STOP being surprised that I, A WOMAN, would choose such a degree.
STOP asking me how I will decide between having such an intense career and having a family.
STOP implying that I, A WOMAN, am the weaker sex.

I am not a naturally strong character, and I do feel the sting when you imply that I will fail, which is EXACTLY what you do every time you show surprise in my future. I do feel discouraged with every "but that's so hard!" comment. If I feel this way, even though I am stubborn enough to straighten my back and continue forward, how many young girls and young women do you actively turn away from their passion??

WHY do you perpetuate the nonsense that women can't make good mathematicians? WHY do you continue to show the up and coming generations that women are inferior?

STOP and THINK before you speak, before you react, and before you belittle a girl with a passion for science, engineering, math, or technology.

Try to keep in mind the spark you kill could be the one that could have saved your life with science, built a better levee system, designed a better car, or even invented the next big (or nano) device to power the teenage experience. Your words have power. YOU are the difference between a successful, happy woman and a pressured-to-quit, maybe happy, maybe depressed, girl forever wondering "What If...".