Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Someone Care To Interpret?

I had an insane dream....

I drove up to Sherman to pick up my sister, had my brother in the car with me, and pulled into a gas station to fill up. There were two sections at the station: a full-service car station (repair, fill-up, wash, etc) and a self-serve. I prepaid for $30 of gas, but when I opened my tank, I could see the fuel! I was confused! A guy next to me said there was probably a clog somewhere and started messing with it...and flooded my engine. (how?!) I then asked the self-serve pump attendant (who had a kiosk set up like the "watchers" do at the supermarket, between the pumps) what I needed to do to get a refund on my $30 and how I was going to get my car to the other side of the grassy lot that separated the two sections. She said not to worry, she was about to end her self-serve shift and head over to the full-service section. She would take care of it all.

This is when my sister was dropped off. My brother had disappeared somewhere to talk about trucks with some guy, so my sister and I wandered around as the wind started to pick up. I wanted to check on my car, so we walked into the car shop...and found a stable. (Did you know all cars have horses? Neither did I...) The attendant told me that my car would be flushed soon and that my car's horse would be fine; she just had a little fluid in her lungs. She offered me a temporary car to finish out my errands in town, if I so desired - it was a huge, ginormous, white animal-shaped semi.

I did my best to not freak out. My sister tried to calm me down, but I kept equating my car's horse with Brutus. The attendant kept her smile, trying to reassure me that everything would be fine, kneading together oats and rice and broth and some medication, all while repeating to me, "there are no broken bones, just a little fluid in the lungs."

The wind kept picking up, and I decided to focus on the car and not the horse. I called my dad to let him know that we were running behind and asked his advice on the car. His advice? Call the insurance company. Make sure they know that I have all rentals free of charge. Just as I hung up the phone, a tornado siren went off. Yup. I looked to the south, but it was sunny with a little clouds. Same with the east. The north, however, is from where the wind was coming, along with all the dark clouds. I saw no funnel clouds, so figured the sirens were for a Watch and not a Warning. I then wandered inside the store to find a drink...and to drown out the siren.

The back of the store faced west and had a wall of windows. With curtains. The curtains were blowing with a breeze. I looked out...and saw a lake...with hundreds of funnel clouds dipping down toward the water - all of them headed straight for the gas station.

...then, I woke up.

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