Monday, March 26, 2012


The following is my fluff for my Blood Bowl team, which I will be playing in the next DFW Blood Bowl season...

I'm buying the models soon and will post pics as they are assembled and painted. :-)

Cabalvision’s quest to expose the shocking lives behind their viewers and celebrities backfired when they approached the wives of the famous Bugman’s Best Blood Bowl team. They met with the lady dwarfs and received quite a shock: the wives had created their own Blood Bowl team! Not only were the lady dwarfs skilled in housemaking and, as the filming crew were quick to learn, battle, but the ladies were quite skilled on the pitch, as well. Another shock met the producers from Cabalvision: the wives of Bugman’s Best shaved their beards!

In a society that holds glory, honor, beer, and beards above all else, these ladies should have been outcasts, but, as it turned out, their marital status and prowess on the pitch allowed the unorthodox hair style (a fellow dwarf opponent on the practice pitch would also comment that such a sight hurtling toward him would be nearly enough to make any man strategically retreat, would his honor withstand the blow).

Members of The Housemaidens include: blitzers Helga, a skillet wielding stay-at-home mom, and Heidi, a rolling pin carrying and proud Blood-Bowl wife; winged helmet wearing runners Birgit and Brünhilda; barely dressed troll slayers Freyja and Frigga; the sassy line maidens Skadi, Sifa, Sunna, Sigrid, and the twins Gurtrud and Gwenelyn; and, when she’s not in jail for domestic abuse, the vacuum riding death roller, Edna.

The Real Housemaidens of Bugman’s Best will begin filming in the next few months. It will chronicle the team’s pro-level debut as they balance their Blood Bowl careers, their husband’s Blood Bowl careers, their children, and life in the spotlight.

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