Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ready Player One (Pre-Review)

My husband and I had a few gift cards to Borders still lying around and with the closing of the store, we went online to redeem them before the site shut down, too. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was the first snag. We had heard interviews and book praises on a few podcasts and we knew it would be one we couldn't pass up.

I started reading it last night. I am currently somewhere inside Level 0002, which is either Chapter 2 or Chapter 3, depending on your preference of the count (do you consider Level 0000 a chapter, Mr. Cline?). I love it. I know the book hasn't gotten into the meat of the story, but I still love it. Mr. Cline creates a world to which we can all relate, geeks, gamers, 'normals', everyone.

I won't say much more than this: The podcasts and interviews did not push this book's greatness enough. I am not finished with it yet, but I am still recommending it to everyone. Go, buy it now, and read along with me.

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