Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wil Wheaton Crashed My G+

I can't calm my geeky heart. I swear, at the moment I realized I could say that, I SQUEE'd, and I SQUEE'd loud.

Mr. Wheaton posted a simple, innocent little thing:

I, as the wife of a guy that loves to try to find the perfect brew, felt it was my duty to raise my hand, and tell Mr. Wheaton that I wanted to join. A circle of people dedicated to home-brewing? Learn tips and recipe adjustments from people more experienced that I can pass on to my husband? Yes! Please! Sign me up NOW!

As a result, everyone on the list started cross-adding each other. My notifications have exploded. I had to turn off notifications on my iPhone. I can't really do much on the G+ webpage from my computer because my internet sucks and runs super slow and when I try to clear the add notifications, my screen freezes. When it finally works through the refresh cycle, I have twenty more notifications waiting for me!

Wil Wheaton crashed my G+ account. Aside from the fact that he is, in my opinion, a geek idol and god amongst men, I can't be upset with this; I have already gotten some great tips to help brew small batches of my preference in the confined space of this tiny apartment and have already gotten recipe exchange offers. Once the cacophony and excitement die down, this will be one of the coolest and most fun decisions I've made in a long time. I look forward to it.

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